Eek's Attic is different than what you're used to. I've been a grown woman for a long time now, and almost every single store I've ever been to focuses on one thing: profit. I get that. It's a business. But I also see this huge group of my fellow women who hate themselves for one reason or another and who treat each other horribly. I want to change that. I NEED to change that! How am I doing that you may ask? Well.....

This shop isn't the whole experience of Eek's Attic!  My Facebook group is over 1,000 women strong, and we empower each other every day. Seriously! Women supporting other women, lifting each other up, day in and day out. 

It doesn't cost anything to join. All you have to do is answer a few questions so I know you're a real person and not some creepo in a basement in Indonesia somewhere. That's it. Just a few clicks and some typing may be all you need to love yourself and feel be.U.tiful in your own skin. No magic creams, no fantastical unicorn poop pills. Just a bunch of women helping each other realize that we're all be.U.tiful, unique, and freakin' amazing.

If all you want is bangin' clothes and rockin' accessories, then girl, I got you. But, if you find yourself here because you want to feel better about yourself and your life, then, please, head over to the Facebook group and join. Creep for a while if you need to, it's okay. At the end of the day all I want is for you to love yourself.

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