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Eek-zette - Fri, August 2nd 9:06 AM

by Erica Washington |

NEW Ceramic Mugs!

After a few requests, I restocked some new sayings on my popular ceramic cups. I still have some feistier ones (well, because that's just who I am ;-) ) but added in some more appropriate for the office.  Look for Knoxville, TN roasted coffee coming soon!

guarantee this combination will be the perfect gift around the Holiday Season for every coffee enthusiast.


Speaking of the Holiday Season...
Our Secret Santa gift exchange was very successful thanks to all of you
who joined in on the fun! 
This cardigan was by far, the most popular present! With super soft fabric and snack pockets, what's not to love? I only have 6 left in Plus sizes, so hurry before they are gone forever!

WOW (Woman of the Week) 
I am sure you recognize this wonderful lady! Patti Field is a one-of-a-kind person that I have been fortunate to meet through Eek's. She honestly has become quite the role model for me!  She even took the time to stop and have breakfast with me and my family on her vacation!
Patti is the first to contact me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! when someone is in need. She is always sending kindness mail to other women in the Elite Suite Group from travel mugs for a bride to maternity packages for an expecting Mom. Her heart, her humor and most of all, her kindness towards other women, makes her Woman of the Week!
Patti, it is an HONOR to know you <3
Thank you for showing all of us that being ourselves is



Thanks for reading and having me a part of your life <3 

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