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Eek-zette, December 2, 2019

by Erica Washington |

Cyber Monday is happening now!!!!

Don't miss out on the amazing sale going on over on the website. Get all your shopping done today! Remember, I offer Sezzle at checkout to help break up payments for you.

Eekie the Elf 12 Days of Gift

I sent out 3 of these boxes for Random Acts of Kindness from other women in the group <3 How amazing is that?!  Showing the true spirit of Christmas gets me all warm and fuzzy :-)
I only have 2 boxes left!  Send me a message at (520) 800-3357 to claim.

Who else is ready for Christmas????

 My family has been battling the stomach flu here all week long BUT we finally were able to have some fun yesterday! I let the kids decorate the tree every year and I just "suggest" where the tree needs more ornaments. However it is decorated, that's how it stays!  Who decorates in your home?

December Newsletter Shout-Out 

especially to these wonderful ladies:
RAK contributors
Ashley H.
Morgan M.
Sadie S.
Jen S. 
Jessica B.
Patricia F.
Ultimate Eek Freak:
Amelia J.

RAK starts at $5 per month! Did I mention each tier receives special benefits, including discounts??? Head over to to check each tier out!



Thanks for reading and having me a part of your life <3

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