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Eek-Zette, December 9, 2019

by Erica Washington |

Gift Sets!

Did you miss the Gift Sets I posted yesterday? I had over 20 sets available over in  Eek's Attic Elite Suite I will sporadically markdown items in the group that is Holiday related. I may have $5 items over there already ;-)
If you're not in that group, why not???

Need a quick present?

Grab yourself a mug and fill it with your favorite coffee, tea or candies for a quick present for someone! Need some help? Send me a message of what mug you want and I will make the gift set for you! How's that for Holiday shopping?!

Always remember....

The Holiday season is not always a happy time for everyone! Try to remember to be thoughtful and kind to others while out and about. You never know what one random act of kindness could mean to someone <3 


December Newsletter Shout-Out 

especially to these wonderful ladies:
RAK contributors
Ashley H.
Morgan M.
Sadie S.
Jen S. 
Jessica B.
Patricia F.
Ultimate Eek Freak:
Amelia J.

RAK starts at $5 per month! This will be the last month of Patreon. You will now receive an invoice directly from Eek's Attic. Please contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns.



Thanks for reading and having me a part of your life <3

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