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Eek-Zette, October 18, 2019

by Erica Washington |

Group Member Sale!

The last Group Member Sale is happening now in Eek's Attic Elite Suite . I enjoy being able to give an opportunity to other women to learn this business.  
The group provides a safe place to learn how to run a clothing resell business. Each woman is in charge of their own thread and running every aspect of it from taking pictures and listing each item. 

Women helping other women.
Just another way Eek's Attic is different ;-) 

Coming sooooooon......

 Scarves is right around the corner along with hats!
I know, I know.... Most people have them up already but it's tough being a one-woman show over here! Keep checking back on the website often as I add items almost every week.

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October Newsletter Shout-Out

I am currently sitting 4 away from 25 subscribers over on Patreon!
YOU helped me send out over $30 gift cards for October.
I would LOVE to get up to $50 for November! 
Kindness is be-U-tiul <3  

This does NOT include the 5 women who were also blessed by Random Acts of Kindness in the Elite Suite Group! That's nearly 10 random women receiving some form of surprise kindness in October!

especially to these wonderful ladies:
RAK contributors
Ashley H.
Morgan M.
Sadie S.
Ultimate Eek Freak:
Amelia J.
Jessica B.

RAK starts at $5 per month! Did I mention each tier receives special benefits, including discounts??? Head over to to check each tier out!



Thanks for reading and having me a part of your life <3

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