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Eek-zette, September 9, 2020

by Erica Washington |

Back-to-School Time

Schools across the country have been reopening under new guide lines that include masks. These masks are designed in Texas and ship directly from the maker! Each mask features an adjustable slide for tightness, 3-layer fabric construction and an inside slit available for a filter, if desiredMasks are the new fashion accessory that can match your outfit and/or your personality! 

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

This past month, Eek's Attic has been able to donate over $100 to women and their families, because of YOU! With "tips" being added at checkout or a direct donation, EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY helps those in need. THANK YOU for sharing your heart with so many that needs it <3

You Are Enough, Perfectly Imperfect.

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THANK YOU to the following women who donated to Eek's Attic Random Acts of Kindness this past month
Lisa G.
Christine F.
Jordan D.
Rebecca F.

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