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Encouraging Women Through Love & Laughter

Eek's Attic is more than just clothes and accessories. #howieek is a way of life!

Over in Eek's Attic Elite Suite, I encourage you (along with other women) to feel better, be better and love yourself for who you are   

A few more reasons to join:

  • Hand selected, name brand, pre-loved and NEW items, posted weekly at great pricing.
  • Outfits created weekly, to help those who struggle with not feeling "put together", at a discounted price.
  • This diverse group of women is body positive with all sizes, shapes and styles. No body shaming!
  • The most real life clothing group out there! You will see and hear, the issues of trying to balance all the roles women play in life. Everything from work, family, friendship and all in between.

As long as there is a woman who needs me to lift her up and remind her that she is freaking awesome, then Eek's will continue on! 😁