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Who is Eek?



Hi there! My name is Erica and welcome to my life!
I am a married mom of 3 outgoing, rambunctious children.
I love to laugh and have been known to have a bit of a sassy side.
Hey, boring women are seldom remembered ;-) 

Eek was a childhood nickname given to me by my late Aunt Lynda.
She was a woman who was quite the fashionista way before the time of "influencers".
She taught me that you should feel beautiful in whatever you wear. 
She also taught me to choose my outfit based on the shoes I would be wearing for the day, but that's another story.....

I strive to bring affordable, high-quality items to the lives of perfectly, imperfect women!

I believe YOU deserve to feel absolutely gorgeous in whatever you choose to wear, no matter your shape, size or style. This is the #howieek way of life <3
Let me assist you in finding that perfect item to help you love the best version of yourself!

I encourage you to feel better, be better and love yourself for who you are, in this moment.

Be-U-tiful, Always.